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A phenomenal personal trainer can show their students more than one way to get in shape, workout, enjoy food and excel in physical fitness. This can definitely be accomplished without sacrificing everything you love. As a training coach, I still eat gigantic burgers, drink a variety of beverages and indulge in my sweet tooth with some pretty amazing desserts. We want to have it all so we workout hard in support of those fitness goals. Team Reggie K really enjoys spending time with their families while training for our various fitness and bodybuilding competitions while leading active and motivating lives. The secret to our success is in the Reggie K website.

Let's be honest, we all love food! We also want to have the body that demands to be on the cover of a magazine. For decades, It has been a big no no to have fitness and tasty food go together. Almost as if it is impossible to have a mind blowing physique unless your a personal trainer or know some type of "fitness secret". Weight loss and muscle gain truly go hand in hand when combined with the proper fitness guidance and knowledge. It seems however that the proper knowledge is where most people get lost. With so much incorrect fitness information out there, it makes it really difficult to distinguish right from wrong.

The gargantuan boom in fitness and health has been prevelant and rising in the past five to ten years. Just look around, it 's everywhere. Everyone is going green, more food is being pushed as gluten free and some of the people who rarely step foot in the gym wear outfits that are fitness related. This tells us two things. First, People are developing a better sense of health and wellness. The average person now has good intentions when it comes to living a happier, healthier and more fitness oriented life. As a personal trainer, this is music to my ears. This is the mindset that if executed peoperly will lead to a lifetime of overall great health. Second, this means that everyone has an opinion on what proper nutrition is, what the right training split should be. This combined with endless internet information can be confusing. So what's the right way to go about living better, being stronger and acheiving all of your weight loss and fitness goals?

In the world of fitness, different things work for different people. With this being the case, it's easy for someone to give a friend or family member advice just because it worked for them personally. Trust me, we've all been there. We try something new just because it seems extreme and the person who told us was in great shape. Sometimes, we tried something new from the guy or woman who isn't in the best shape but we are just frustrated with the process and want results now. Especially with the expansion of social media, we see ripped and lean fitness models and think to ourselves "I'll just do whatever they do and I'll look like them". Here's the thing, we can all be the best version of ouselves with simple changes to our approach. Taking some time to read in depth and questioning everything is a great start. Your first question should always be "WHY". Why you should or should you not eat after 7pm. Why it's a good or bad idea to train all day everyday to reach your fitness goals.

That's what is all about. Sure, it would be fun to give you all kinds of fun facts about me and my different life experiences that led me into personal training and coaching. If for any crazy reason that is the reason you gave me the honor of visiting Reggie K. com then there is an About Me page that you must see now, but this is much bigger than me. This is about spreading the word and knowledge on how to have a healthy fitness lifestyle and the best ways to tackle your challenges head on. It's about knowing that even though we are all different as far as how our bodys respond, there is a way to reach your goals no matter the circumstance and fitness level. The goal here for is to help as many people as I can so hopefully you dont make some of the mistakes I made in my fitness journey. The number one New Years resolution every year is to get in better shape. This can vary from weight loss, weight gain, upping your current fitness level, muscle mass, getting lean and the list goes on and on. That fire, that passion you have to start should be the same two or 3 months into your fitness journey as it was when you first started. Now it will be! This is the place to do it!

Now lets dig a little deeper into this lifestyle. We talked briefly on how important balance is when making fitness a priority in your everyday life. Balance is directly associated with happiness. Being to extreme usually makes for a disaster waiting to happen, a ticking time bomb! This goes for both sides of the scale in a lot of lifes major decisions, especially in fitness. You have your fitness fanatics who live and breath everything fitness. They usually go to the gym everyday or sometimes twice a day with no days off. Living off of chicken breast and vegetables without allowing themselves to ever have a burger or pizza. How could you possibly live life without enjoying your favorite pizza spot? This usually results in missing family gatherings and going out with friends. Sometimes this could effect your dating life if your single. Remember being in awesome physical shape is fantastic but not if it takes away from the other important things in life. Then, you have your other extreme which is extremely unhealthy. Most people refer to this type as a couch potato who eats anything and everthing in sight, never thinking about the nutitional value of food and their own overall health. We like to land somewhere in the middle but a tad bit closer to the fitness side. On average this looks like seventy five percent pro fitness. Saying on average because sometimes life just gets in the way and you cant always make it to the gym or have a home cooked healthy based meal. Other times you just don't feel like cooking or training haha.

Look, we are serious about creating that change, that balance in your life. You will find that embellishes greatly on fitness and nutrition but also qualitly of life itself. It's true that having a healthy strong body clears your mind. Staying active and eating properly can add years to your life, but what about the really fun parts that dont include fitness. You will have access to the delicious "junk food" that we all desire from time to time. Eating pizza, burgers, burritos, pastas and anything else we can think of. Also, touching on different ways to improve your life that have nothing to do with fitness or food but everything to do with the power of your mind. This is truly a one stop shop, this is the place that you now call home, welcome home! Welcome to




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